# ACNE Scars # ACNE / Facial Scars TREATMENTS Acne scars can be too few on the face and sometimes even on the back. Acne scars can be hypertrophic or atrophic, punched, box-like, icepick or linear and irregular grouped patterns. A scar is a permanent defect in the skin. It is visible due to irregular edges, depressions and bumps. A combination of different surgical and non-surgical treatment methods is required to improve the appearance of the scars to a socially acceptable level. The following treatments in combination are used according to case requirements chemical peeling co2 laser micronegration derma-roller fractionated rf filler subcision fat grafting dermabrasion scar revision punch grafting scar excision fat grafting mini kind lift Scar revision can benefit all people with functional and aesthetic concerns related to facial scarring – independent of age or skin type. The most satisfactory results are usually achieved by combining treatments. This is truly a revolutionary step in the early management and prevention of acne scars that has taken the specialist out of the medico-legal stone age of scar revision and accutane-oratan debate. The earlier the acne scar intervention is, the smaller the scar and the better the results. Finding a method for your acne scar type gives you the highest success rate. This includes lasers, microneedling, PRP, subcision, surgical excision, punch elevation, surgical elevation, filling, inoculation, steroid injections, energy and non-energy-based microneedling, radiofrequency and many more skill sets. A specialist must have mastered all of these skill sets to treat acne scars and not rely on a machine or device. acne scar treatment before after can be seen on my website dr. Krishna Chaudhari is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with a master’s degree in surgery from Bombay University. He is 72 years old and has been practicing surgery since 1978. The previous 22 years in practice are only limited to cosmetic surgery. He has specialized in liposuction, gynecomastia, rhinoplasty and breast surgery during the period. He trains at the cosmetic laser surgery center, second floor, prasad chamber, next to Hindustan gas pump, sword chowk Karve road.Pune 411004. All surgeries in Gynecomastia are done in kindergarten and no entrance is required. The cost of gynecomastia surgery is modest and information is available on request Cosmetic laser surgery center is well equipped surgical facility with all modern instruments, power assisted liposuction / ultrasound / vase instruments are routinely used in gynecomastia surgery for finer results, follow us: Information / before after photos / videos. cosmeticsurgerypune.com Contact us / visit us / take advantage of a free consultation: cosmeticsurgerypune@gmail.com www, cosmeticsurgerypune, com Clinic +91 93 73 504 565 11 to 20. Sunday closed What happens / SMS TO Mobile +91 93 73 504565/98 22 058 916 Cosmetic Laser Surgery Center Dr. KS Chaudhari 27, Prasad Chambers, 2nd floor, above sagas sweet mart, Opp. Bata store, near HP gasoline, Swatyantra Chowk; Near Ranka Jewelers, Opp Kesari tours Office, above Pride medical store, Sagar sweet mart, Karve Road, Pune – 411004 Maharashtra, India. Direction from Deccan Gymkhana-First signal before Nal Stop [1kilometer] From Kothrud – The first signal after Nal Stop [1.5 kilometers] .

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