CA Senate Health Committee Transfers Bill to Fund Sterilization of Children with Trans-Treatments

The California Senate Health Committee voted 7-1 on Monday to set up a tax-paying fund to provide underage and adult cross-hormones and surgeries that will permanently destroy their reproductive systems. (See the hearing below.) The author, parishioner Miguel Santiago (D) Los Angeles, and the other senators on the committee complained that they were inundated with phone calls from voters saying they should not sterilize children. The views of Senator Susan Rubio were typical. “I received hundreds and hundreds of calls asking me not to support anything that sterilizes children,” Rubio told the committee. “So after those conversations, I decided to read the bill very, very carefully and I found nothing about sterilizing children.” The text of the bill states “The grants must be available to a hospital, care clinic or other medical providers who currently provide gender-confirming care services, such as hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery.” With some research on gender clinics funded by the bill, senators would have easily discovered that children who identify as transgender first get drugs to prevent puberty. Then they get hormone treatment over the sexes, so their bodies begin to mimic the appearance of the opposite sex. Both of these drugs used together sterilize most children in the long run. After drugs, girls can have double mastectomies at 13, and both sexes perform sex change surgeries at 18. This is no secret, and even a non-physician knows that a person cannot reproduce if he or she takes drugs to prevent their body from maturing. through puberty. The University of California, San Francisco Transgender Care Clinic also recognizes the fertility effects of transgender people on minors. To prove the point, read the advice they give teens on their website before starting hormone therapy. A section entitled “Preparing for Gender-Confirming Hormone Use in Transgender Adolescents” states, “While alternatives are being explored to preserve future fertility for transgender adolescents, the current reality is that cryopreservation is very expensive, in many cases unaffordable for those with ovaries.” The only reason to freeze eggs and sperm is because you know that hormones will kill them permanently. The advice continues: “For young people whose puberty process has been interrupted in the earliest stages [by puberty-blocking drugs], followed by the administration of sex-confirming hormones, the development of mature sperm or eggs is unlikely at present, although it is noteworthy that there is active research developing gametes in vitro from the field of young oncology. The issue of future infertility is often much more problematic for parents and family members than for adolescents, especially at the beginning of discussions about moving forward with sex-confirming hormones. “This is advice you give someone before they become sterile. Yes, senators, this bill sterilizes children! No one gets misinformation. We are not afraid of headlines as lawmaker Santiago claimed. Read more from UCSF’s gender clinic website here :.

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