COVID-19 Safety Precautions Taken by Pristyn Care |  Be careful


As India continues its fight against COVID-19, Pristyn Care has strengthened its patient safety protocols to ensure that all patients are safe and out of contact with the virus. Pristyn Care has set the highest standards for hygiene practices when treating or diagnosing patients. On-site safety measures for patients Pristyn Care has arranged temperature protection at the gates of each clinic and hospital. A dedicated screening staff is placed in each clinic with a thermometer, face mask, disinfectant, hand gloves and protective dresses. Seating arrangements with a social distance of 5-6 feet have been made for all patients and caregivers. Safety precautions to be followed by physicians and staff Physicians and staff will not begin any treatment procedure without wearing protective N95 masks, gloves and shoe covers. The doctors will have a gap of 15-20 minutes between two meetings. The consulting rooms and medical equipment will be cleaned before and after each meeting. Physicians and staff wash their hands with medically recommended hand washing before and after diagnosis in each patient. Safety measures at Pristyn Care clinics and hospitals All clinics and hospitals are cleaned daily. Disposable sheets and sofa upholstery may only be used and the same must be discarded after each patient visit. Pristyn Care Management and Physicians undertake not to consult, diagnose or treat any patient in clinics or hospitals where COVID-19 patients have been treated. A dedicated “care buddy” must be appointed for all Even when the nation is enclosed indoors, Pristyn Care understands the importance of care. To ensure that no one lacks healthcare, Pristyn Care works relentlessly to expand all necessary services to the public. Healthcare is tailored to meet all requirements in the most comfortable way in the middle of the pandemic. Watch Related Videos – COVID-19 Pristyn Care Safety Precautions | Stay Safe – Best Gurgaon Gynecology Clinic – 4 Stages of Coronavirus Pandemic – Dr Madhu Sadan Explains COVID-19 Infection | Stay at home | Roman Coronavirus – Dr. Richa Mina Explains About COVID-19 Infection | Stay at home – About us – Pristyn Care is a healthcare provider that specializes in delivering a hassle-free surgical experience to all of its patients using technology and a set of advanced surgeries and powerful processes. The modern treatments provided by Pristyn Care are minimally invasive (not large incisions / cuts, stitches and wounds) and painless. Patients are discharged within 24-48 hours after treatment after careful observation. The advanced treatments enable rapid recovery without the risk of relapse. The patient encounters hardly any complications if all instructions from the doctors are kept in mind. We offer free follow-up after the operation. To date, we have highlighted our presence in 20 plus cities, with more than 70 clinics and 200 hospitals. We look forward to serving people to make their lives easier and painless. Subscribe to our channel for more videos and get interesting information about healthcare: Join us at: – To consult a specialist: Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram: Visit our website at: #safety #healthandsafety #safetyfirst # covid19safety #pristyncare #healthcare #modernhälsovård #surgeries #elektivkirurgi #indiafightscorona #behandlingar #thermalscreening #handsanitization # appekits #wearamask #clinics # hospitals # stayhome #staysafe.

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