Dr. Rod Story: Gender reassignment surgery. Part 1

Both of our local hospitals, Gritman Medical Center and Pullman Regional Hospital, have elected to offer gender reassignment surgery. They are currently the only hospitals in the northwest to offer this surgery. Dr. Rod Story, a hospitalist at Pullman Regional, joins us in the studio to discuss how transgender patients struggle with a dysphoria similar to that of anorexia patients. After his colleagues voted to award Dr. Story Pullman Regional’s Physician Excellence Award, his conscience led him to step down from his position and leave Pullman Regional Hospital, effective at the end of December.

Below are some articles Dr. Story referred us to:

Good Summary MSM article
Paul McHugh: Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution – WSJ
Review of scientific literature on gender and sexuality
Number 50 ~ Fall 2016 – The New Atlantis

Mayo Meta-analysis of literature on transgender surgery outcomes: “Very low quality evidence”
Hormonal therapy and sex reassignment: A systematic review and meta-analysis of quality of life and psychosocial outcomes — Mayo Clinic
Decades-long Retrospective study on Transgender surgical outcomes in Sweden
Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden
Statement from Christian Medical Society
Transgender Identification Ethics Statement : Resources : Christian Medical & Dental Associations
Articles on Transgender regret

Article on growth of people expressing Gender Dysphoria

Excellent talks on Transgender by Christian experts in psychiatry

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