What is FUT hair transplant surgery OR strip surgery, do you know how male hair loss develops !! What is the fut or strip method for hair transplantation and how is it done? the first hairline and the transplant area are marked and the number of grafts required is calculated. then the sensor area is divided into a safe sensor area and a high risk of thinner sensor area. safe sensor area is trimmed. the length and width of the strip are calculated using areas and area of ​​the donor area per square cm. local anesthesia is delivered to the donor area by injection. Swelling is given in the donor area for better harvesting and to protect deep nerves and blood vessels. the strip is separate from the sensor area. gaps created due to strip removal are reduced by suturing the two screen margins. sewing is done in two layers. Tricophytic occlusion is done to reduce post-fut scars. sutured area is covered over remaining hair on the donor area shortly after suturing. individual transplantation is created by stereomicroscopic dissection. the first process slides where 10 to 20 cm long strips are dissected into pieces 2 mm wide. Individual follicular units are isolated from the slotted section by trimming extra fat and tissue around the follicles. while technicians slip and make transplants, the surgeon prepares the implantation area by providing local anesthesia and then slits in the recipient area. Once a slit is made, individual follicular units are implanted by inserting the grafts inside the slit. Wounds are formed over transplanted grafts, it takes 10 days to remove the scab. after 2 weeks of suture is removed by the surgeon. transplanted grafts fall off between the 4th to 8th week. growth started in the 3rd month. complete results take time between 8 and 12 months. a linear scar is visible only after shaving or trimming the donor area. THIS IS ALL ABOUT FUT. HINDI FUT YA STRIP HAIR TRANSPLANT METOD KYA HAI AUR YE KAISE HOTA HAI? SABSE PEHLE BALD AREA KO MARK KARTE HAIN AUR BALD AREA KO COVER KARNE ME LAGNE WALE GRAFTS KA NUMBER CALCULATE KARTE HAIN. DONOR AREA KO BALON KI QUALITY KE ADHAR PER DO BHAG ME BATA JATA HAI, SAFE DONOR AREA AUR HIGH RISK DONOR AREA. BAL HAMESHA SAFE DONOR AREA SE NIKALE JATEN HAIN. DONOR AREA KI DENSITY AUR DONOR SKIN KI ELASTICITY KE ADHAR PER STRIP KI LAMBAI AUR CHAUDAI BERÄKNA KI JATI HAIN, PHIR SAFE DONOR AREA KO TRIM KIYA JATA HAI. DONOR AREAS ME LOCAL ANESTHESIA INJECT KARTE HAIN. USKE BAD TUMESENCE DIYA JATA HAI. tumescens INJECTION SE GRAFT ACHHE NIKALTE HAIN AUR ANDAR KE BLOOD VESSEL AUR NERVES PROTECT HO JATE HAIN. AB STRIP KO NIKALNE KA KAM KIYA JATA HAI. strip REMOVAL KE KARAN CREATE HUE GAP KO KAM KARNE KE LIYE DONO MARGIN KO KHICH KAR PASS LAYA JATA HAIN AUR TAKON YA STAPLER KI MADAD SE SIL DIYA JATA HAI. TAKEN DO LAYER ME LAGAYE JATE HAI. FUT KE LINEAR SCAR KO KAM KARNE KE LIYE TRICHOPHYTIC CLOSURE KIYA JATA HAI. SUTURE LINE TURANT HI EXISTING BALON KE ANDAR CHUUP JATA HAI. AB STEREO MICROSCOPE KI MADAD SE STRIP SE GRAFT BANAYA JATA HAI. ISME RISES HOT DANGER. PEHLA STEP HOTA HAI SLIVERING JISME 10 SE 20 CENTIMETER LAMBE STRIP KO 2 MILI METER CHAUDE TUKDO ME KAT LIYA JATA HAI. AB SLIVERED KIYE HUE TUKDO’S INDIVIDUAL GRAFT NIKALE JATE HAI. PHIR GRAFT KE EXTRA FAT AUR TISSUE KO NIKAL DETE HAIN. IS TARAH SE FUT PROCESS ME GRAFT BANAYE JATE HAIN. I TARAF JAHAN TECNICIAN GRAFTS BANA RAHE HOTE HAIN WAHI SURGEON BALD AREA KO TRANSPLANT KE LIYE TAIYAR KARTE HAIN. WO MOTTAGARE YA BALD AREA ME PEHLE ANESTESIA DETE HAIN PHIR SLIT YA GRAFT DALNE KE LIYE HOL KA NIRMAN KARTE HAIN. SLIT BAN NE KE BAD USME GRAFTS KO IMPLANTATION KAR DETE HAIN. TRANSPLANTED GRAPH KE ÖVRE SCAB YA CRUST KA NIRMAN HOTA HAI, JO 10 DINO ME NIKAL DENA CHAHIYE. GÖR HAFTE KE BAD TAKON KO KAT KAR NIKAL DIYA JATA HAI. KUCHH TRANSPLANTED SHAFT TRANSPLANT KE 6 SE 8 HAFTON KE BAD GIR JATE HAIN, ISE SHEDDING KEHTE HAIN. TISRE MAHINE SEE GROWTH START HO JATA HAI. COMPLETE RESULT 8 SE 12 MAHINO ME HOTA HAI. FUT KA LINEAR SCAR BALON ME CHUUPA HOTA HAI AUR WO SIRF BALON KE TRIM KARNE AUR SHAVE KARNE PER HI DIKHTA HAI. for questions or concerns call us at + 91-9595-676-676 or for more knowledge visit www.hairtransplanteducation.com. .

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