Hair Transplant in India

Hair transplantation is one surgery that has gained a lot of popularity in the past years. It is a surgical methods towards getting rid of baldness. Mostly men undergo baldness whereas women may find their hair thinning with time. But baldness is one condition that rarely occurs in them. Men around the world have been falling prey to baldness after a certain age. In order to combat this, various surgical methods called hair transplantation techniques have come up. India being replete with a huge population is very much prone to this condition. Formerly hair transplantation centers could be found only in metropolitan cities. But now specialized and functional clinics for carrying out hair transplantation procedure scan be found in almost every major city in India.

In hair transplantation surgery hair from the dense regions of the scalp is taken and grafted on the bald regions. The dense regions of the scalp is called the donor region. The region where this hair is transplanted is called the recipient. If in case a person has undergone permanent baldness meaning there is no donor region present in their scalp, then carrying out this procedure is impossible. This procedure ensures that hair grows naturally. The actual effects of it can be seen three months after this very procedure. Initially one may experience some hair shedding. But then hair starts growing on its own. The effects of the surgery are lasting. But one needs to check in with their surgeon every year or so. You may need to get more grafts transplanted if in case there is a lot hairfall.

Finding the best surgeon is the key here. There are many surgeons available these days who carryout hair transplantation surgery. But one must make sure that the surgeon is a certified one. Try to look out for the before and after pictures to get an idea of the same. Male pattern baldness is a natural phenomenon. Thus, many men out there are going for this very surgery to feel good and boost their confidence. So, choose wisely and let lasting effects with hair transplantation surgery.

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