How to choose the best hair transplant doctor Indore – India  Anil Garg – ABHRS, ISHRS

What to consider when choosing a hair transplant surgeon. Here are things to keep in mind: 1. Before and after pictures Make sure you ask your doctor to give different before and after pictures of the treatments. This shows that the surgeon has worked properly and is known at least in his region to perform hair transplant procedures. However, you need to be careful when looking at the pictures to make sure they are of the patients being treated by the surgeon and not just pictures taken from another website, gallery or clinic. Usually pictures have different colors and backgrounds, so you need to look for watermarks on the pictures. 2. Can he refer you to the opinion of other patients? No need to actually do that though, but it is imperative that your doctor be able to provide you with contacts with at least five to six patients he or she has treated. These patients will share their experience with the surgeon and this will help you make an informed decision. It is also recommended to meet patients who share your hair and your skin type. They will help you inform yourself about what you can expect before, during and after the operation. 3. The surgeon’s specialty Is he qualified to do hair transplants or not? Well, if you are looking for a hair transplant surgeon, always make sure that you find someone who does such surgeries often, and if he or she does it with other methods, hair transplantation should be his or her main area. 4. Qualifications As much as hair transplantation can be done by any practicing surgeon, a doctor who has experience and the right training on hair transplantation and has been in the field for a number of years sounds like a superior choice. Do not feel shy to ask your doctor about his or her level of learning. Since you will be paying with your hard earned money, never settle for less. You may also want to check if your doctor has knowledge in dermatology, as this is crucial in helping patients deal with hair loss and hair loss problems. 5. Support Team Even if your doctor is the best hair transplant surgeon in town, without a good support team, you will not get the exceptional service you are looking for. Look for a surgeon who has a dedicated support team. Make sure there are staff who act as patient coordinators to help patients during their hair transplant. The type of experience a patient has when applying for hair transplant services goes a long way in determining the satisfaction and end result of the surgery. 6. How long has the surgeon been training? When deciding on the doctor who will do your hair restoration, make sure you find out how many years he or she has been in service. The more number of years the better. A doctor who has had a hair transplant for more than ten years may not have the same experience as a surgeon who has only practiced for the past two to three years. And it is always advisable to have your treatment done by an experienced doctor even if they may not give you an immediate time for surgery. Having patience is worthwhile for such experts. 7. Check many procedures that the doctor performed individually. You may think it’s too much, but we say you can never be too sure. Ask your doctor how many hair transplants he or she has performed to date. This will increase your confidence in the doctor. With all the things that you are not allowed to do while going for a surgery, you are now well informed when it comes to choosing your doctor. Visit: – Follow us on Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Call or WhatsApp at + 91-9144-4444-33.

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