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Lipoma is a medical condition in which a mass of fat develops in between the skin and the underlying tissue layer. It is mostly observed in middle aged people. The identification of a lipoma is pretty easy. It is a fatty lump which moves when touched with a finger. These are generally harmless but some do hurt or pain on touching. Under these circumstances one must get a lipoma removed.

The presence of a lipoma in one’s body can be detected by some common symptoms. These include a lump of fat which is doughy to the touch. This lump is generally 5 cm in diameter and one must also keep in mind that a lipoma grows too. Since, they consist of many blood vessels, they can sometimes be painful too. Lipomas generally occur in the neck, shoulder, back, abdomen, arms and thighs.

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Types of Lipoma Lipomas are of different types depending upon how they look under the microscope and these are listed below-

  • Conventional lipoma (common, mature white fat)
  • Hibernoma (brown fat instead of the usual white fat)
  • Fibrolipoma (fat plus fibrous tissue)
  • Angiolipoma (fat plus a large amount of blood vessels)
  • Myelolipoma (fat plus tissue that makes blood cells)
  • Spindle cell lipoma (fat with cells that look like rods)
  • Pleomorphic lipoma (fat with cells of all different shapes and sizes)
  • Atypical lipoma (deeper fat with a larger number of cells)

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The cost of Lipoma Removal Surgery depends on Surgeon’s Qualification, Operative facilities, Technique of liposuction, Number of Lipoma's, Size and location of the Lipoma, Stay Required or not, Anaesthetist Experience, Type of Compression garment & Post care facilities given to the patient.

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What is lipoma?

Adipose seeds are benign tumors (forms) that are formed by the growth of adipose tissue under the skin. If it is soft and has no adhesion to muscles, it will move slightly if you touch it on the skin.

Although it is formed on various parts, it seems that there are many cases that can be formed on the back. Larger ones grow to about 10 cm.

Pain may also occur as a symptom other than tumor formation.

As a tumor with a similar symptom is a "massule," it is important to distinguish it.

A lipoma is a soft mass that develops under the skin and is composed of benign mature adipocytes. Simply put, it is a fat "article". It is the most frequently occurring substance that occurs subcutaneously. It is said to occur from early childhood and gradually develop. In appearance, the soft ball often swells as if it were under the skin. It can occur anywhere on the body, but it often occurs in the back, shoulders, neck, upper limbs, lower limbs, etc., and the hands and feet are relatively rare.
Lipomas range in size from about 1 cm to large, and some can grow up to about 15 cm. It is a common symptom in middle-aged people, but patients in their 20s and 30s are not uncommon. There is no gender ratio. Lipomas do not disappear spontaneously and may grow. It may take some time to remove a large lipoma, so it is recommended to remove lipoma of a certain size by surgery.
In most cases, one-day surgery is possible, but if the boundary between lipoma and subcutaneous fat is not clear or lipoma is present in the muscle, it is hospitalized and removed with general anesthesia. There is also a case to do. If you remove the lipoma while it is small, the wound will be small. In another clinic, it is said that any large lipoma will be removed within 30 minutes after incision of 1 cm or less, but it is not possible with a large one. In such clinics, there are cases in which the soft tissue is simply agitated and not completely removed. If surgery is not performed properly, not only will the chance of recurrence increase, but the surroundings of the product will also adhere, making it difficult to re-operate. Similarly, liposuction cannot be used for excision, and incision is the only treatment method.

Symptoms of lipoma

The human body is composed of the skin consisting of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous adipose tissue from the top, and the muscles and bones below the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Lipomas, most of which occur in the subcutaneous fat layer, usually do not present with symptoms such as pain and itch.

In many cases, there are many cases where a person feels swelling or lumps on the skin, and the size ranges from a small diameter of about 1 cm to a size of 10 cm or more. It is a lump that you can see from the top of your skin, and has a soft feel like rubber.

However, depending on the location of the lipoma, it may be painful by pressing on the nerves. In rare cases, multiple cases may occur.



Although the cause is unknown and the causal relationship is not clear, there are cases in which it occurs genetically.

Treatment of lipoma

For fatty species, basically removal by surgery is indicated. For small ones, day surgery is possible under local anesthesia.

Large ones and those that adhere to muscles are generally operated on under hospitalization and general anesthesia.


Liposoma surgery costsThe table below shows the approximate cost of excision of fat species. It is the amount when 30% is paid. If you pay 10%, please use 1/3 of this amount as a guide.

  • A different calculation method is applied to the cost of surgery for fatty species that adhere to muscles.
  • In addition to the above lipoma surgery costs, initial consultation fee, revisit fee, prescription fee, drug fee, etc. are added.
  • The amount of surgery for lipoma may change due to revision of medical fees.

Types of lipoma


It is a common lipoma. Often has a coating. It is often slippery and can be obtained with a relatively small incision.


It may be painful to pinch. It can occur frequently throughout the body. It often occurs in the back, abdomen, and upper and lower limbs. It can be obtained with a relatively small incision.


Often in the muscle. It exists relatively deep. It often occurs in the back of the neck, and the capsule may be unclear. It's a little difficult to take. It cannot be completely removed without a certain amount of incision.

  • Things that are easily confused


・Those that are easily misdiagnosed


Differential diseases to be aware of


A malignant tumor, a type of soft tissue sarcoma. It is a rare cancer and a fairly rare cancer. It is said that 2 to 3 out of 100,000 people have soft tissue sarcoma, and about 10 to 20% of them are liposarcoma. In particular, we recommend that you surgically remove those that are 5 cm or more and examine the pathology.


Most cases can be diagnosed by palpation or echo. An MRI scan may be performed if the depth is reached (echo not reached) or if it is large.

・Echo findings

An oval tumor with smooth edges that deforms under the pressure of the probe is observed.

Advantages of receiving treatment at this hospital

・Abundant case experience

With a focus on plastic surgery specialists from the Department of Plastic Surgery, which is the largest medical department in among plastic surgery, you can receive safe treatment that matches the standard treatment by doctors who have been active in the front line. We can propose the optimal treatment method tailored to each individual from numerous experiences

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・Clean and clean environment

One-day surgery possible, no hospitalization required

At our hospital, we are basically performing day surgery with local anesthesia. We can introduce general hospitals, university hospitals, cancer centers, etc. with which we are affiliated with regards to those that seem to require general anesthesia for surgery and those thought to be malignant tumors (liposarcoma).

Treatment for lipomas is covered by insurance for diagnosis, examination, surgery, and pathological examination, so it is safe in terms of cost . Those who have medical insurance may be able to receive surgery benefits, and all public expenses are also applied.

No pain during surgery

In our hospital, we aim to reduce pain as much as possible by using a fine needle when performing local anesthesia . If you feel uncomfortable about the pain, we will consider it further, so please feel free to contact us.

Points to note after surgery

Post-operative pain

On the day, you will have pain until the next day, but please be assured that I will prescribe oral medicine for pain management . For wounds smaller than 1 cm, you can aim for treatment that is almost painless.


Ideally, you should refrain from alcohol for at least 3 days after surgery for a week . Please note that drinking alcohol after surgery will greatly affect the healing of the wound. Because exercise may cause bleeding, we ask that you refrain from exercise on the day of surgery and on the next day. After that, you can continue as usual.

Is it possible to take a bath?

Please check with your doctor as it depends on the surgical site and the size of the wound. When you stitch, you may be able to shower from the next day.

Timing of thread removal

This will also vary depending on the site and the size of the wound created by the surgery, so the doctor in charge will explain it carefully. A guideline is 1 to 2 weeks after surgery .