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Lipoma is a medical condition in which a mass of fat develops in between the skin and the underlying tissue layer. It is mostly observed in middle aged people. The identification of a lipoma is pretty easy. It is a fatty lump which moves when touched with a finger. These are generally harmless but some do hurt or pain on touching. Under these circumstances one must get a lipoma removed.

The presence of a lipoma in one’s body can be detected by some common symptoms. These include a lump of fat which is doughy to the touch. This lump is generally 5 cm in diameter and one must also keep in mind that a lipoma grows too. Since, they consist of many blood vessels, they can sometimes be painful too. Lipomas generally occur in the neck, shoulder, back, abdomen, arms and thighs.

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Types of Lipoma Lipomas are of different types depending upon how they look under the microscope and these are listed below-

  • Conventional lipoma (common, mature white fat)
  • Hibernoma (brown fat instead of the usual white fat)
  • Fibrolipoma (fat plus fibrous tissue)
  • Angiolipoma (fat plus a large amount of blood vessels)
  • Myelolipoma (fat plus tissue that makes blood cells)
  • Spindle cell lipoma (fat with cells that look like rods)
  • Pleomorphic lipoma (fat with cells of all different shapes and sizes)
  • Atypical lipoma (deeper fat with a larger number of cells)

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The cost of Lipoma Removal Surgery depends on Surgeon’s Qualification, Operative facilities, Technique of liposuction, Number of Lipoma's, Size and location of the Lipoma, Stay Required or not, Anaesthetist Experience, Type of Compression garment & Post care facilities given to the patient.

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Subcutaneous tumor, which is a benign tumor composed of adipose tissue. Among subcutaneous tumors, it is relatively common in routine medical practice. The mass that touches the surface of the skin is soft, elastic and the surface is smooth and softball-like. It can be placed anywhere on the body, but it tends to be particularly high on the back, shoulders, and buttocks. It grows gradually, and if left unattended it can become a volleyball size. If it is small, it can be removed by an outpatient operation under local anesthesia, but if it becomes large, it will be hospitalized.

Treatment of lipoma

Smaller ones can also be followed up. If the tumor grows larger or if you are worried about the tumor, it rarely disappears spontaneously and should be removed by surgery. As long as it is smaller than 5 cm, surgery with local anesthesia is possible in the outpatient department. If it is larger than 5 cm or if it cannot be distinguished from malignant liposarcoma, we will introduce you to a university hospital.


Surgical treatment (surgery) for lipoma

Make an incision in the superficial skin and remove the lipoma. If there is a large amount of lipoma or there is a lot of bleeding, excision and hemostasis are performed at the same time with an electric scalpel. After removing the mass, the surface skin is sutured. When the wound is deep, dermal tissue is sutured before suturing the surface skin and then suturing the surface. The subcutaneous part of the excised lipoma remains as a void, which may cause internal bleeding. Therefore, use a case to perform pressure bleeding.

Rarely, there is a malignant tumor (liposarcoma) that resembles a lipoma, so the resected mass is examined for pathology. Surgical fee (medical insurance) and precautions

Below is the approximate surgery fee. It will be the payment amount when 30% is paid.


The exposed area is the head/face/neck/peripheral side of the elbow/below the knee.


In addition to the above fees, the prescribed initial consultation fee, revisit fee, prescription fee, and drug fee will be charged separately.


You cannot have surgery on the day of your visit. Before surgery, a blood sampling test is required to evaluate the general condition and check for infectious diseases. (Insurance adaptation)

Reservation is required for surgery. The day of surgery will be determined based on the examination on the first consultation day.


The fees may change as the insurance points are revised. When stitching dermis, dermis stitching will be added.


Does the surgery hurt?

There is pain during local anesthesia (similar to anesthesia for dental treatment), but there is little pain during surgery. If you have pain, please tell your doctor. I will add anesthesia.


Does it hurt after surgery?

On the day and up to the next day, there will be pain, but in the case of a small wound (1 cm or less), there may be almost no pain. For pain, we will prescribe an internal medicine for pain relief.


Can I take a bath?

Check with your doctor as it depends on the surgical site and the size of the wound. As early as showering is possible the next day.


How long does it take to remove the yarn?

5-7 days on the face, 14 days on the palms and soles, 7-10 days otherwise.

When will you know the results of the tissue test?

It will be from 1 week to 10 days. We will explain the results when removing the yarn.

A lipoma is a benign soft tissue tumor (which is extremely rarely malignant) that mainly consists of fat cells near the trunk such as the back and arms . It is a so-called " lump of fat ". It is a common occurrence found in many people. It is sometimes confused with atheroma and atheroma, but it does not purify or give off a odor.

Causes of
lipoma Lipomas are made up of cells that store fat, but the exact cause is currently unknown.

Symptoms and types of lipoma
is, usually pain is no case are often consulted feel a bulge or lump-skinthe size of, lipomas, small things - diameter 10cm or more of the big things diameter of about 1cm
skin above It has epidermis/dermis/subcutaneous adipose tissue and muscles and bones below it, but most lipomas occur in the layer of subcutaneous fat. On rare occasions, it can occur within the muscle (inside the muscle or between muscles). There is no change in the skin just above the bruise, and it appears as an elastic lump under the skin.
Because lipomas grow and grow, they do not disappear unless they are removed by surgery. Therefore, we recommend early treatment/excision surgery.

Treatment of lipoma A
radical surgery is performed to remove the lipoma . Surgery by local anesthesia is possible at this hospital. Most lipomas are benign tumors and do not require emergency surgery, but they do grow slowly but slowly and do not disappear or shrink spontaneously. Very rarely, it can be malignant like liposarcoma or malignant soft tissue tumor, so surgery and pathological examination are important.


At our hospital, we have surgery to remove lipoma.

If there is a possibility of malignancy or if you wish to make a histological definitive diagnosis, we also carry out a pathological examination.
In most cases, surgery can be performed on the day of the reservation, but as a result of medical examination, surgery may be performed at a later date.
If you have any concerns about moles, please feel free to contact us.

In skin and subcutaneous tumor resection surgery, benign skin and subcutaneous tumor resection surgery is performed.
Case 1

Case of lipoma of the back

I have had lipomas on my back for several years, and they have gradually increased.
This time, we had an extraction operation at our hospital.

In surgery, I try to remove the lipoma with as small an incision as possible.


Case of subcutaneous tumor (lipoma) on the right side of the back

This is a case in which a subcutaneous tumor with a diameter of 4 cm is resected with a skin incision of about 1 cm using a plastic surgical technique (usually, an incision of about 4 cm in diameter is made).

Case 3

Forehead lipoma case

A lipoma was found under the skin on the hairline of the forehead.
In surgery, we made an incision at the hairline, not just above the lipoma, to make the scars after surgery as inconspicuous as possible.
Thus, by incising the hairline by plastic surgery, there is an advantage that the scars after the removal of the fibers are inconspicuous.

Case 4

Forehead lipoma case

A subcutaneous tumor with a diameter of 25 mm was observed.
It is about 30 mm from the center of the tumor to the hairline.
Even in this case, the tumor was excised from the incision line of about 10 mm at the hairline so that no scar was left on the forehead.
Thus, in plastic surgery, not only is the tumor resected, but the scars after surgery are inconspicuous.
Especially in face surgery, we are careful.

Case 5

Subcutaneous tumor of the left shoulder (lipoma)

A subcutaneous tumor (lipoma) with a diameter of 6 cm was excised with an incision of about 1 cm.

Case 6

Subcutaneous thigh tumor (lipoma)

In the case of lipoma, the incision length is made as short as possible.



Case 7

Subcutaneous tumor on the forehead

Subcutaneous tumor on the forehead was excised.
A 4 cm lipoma on the hairline was surgically operated with a 1 cm incision line so that the scar was not surgically identified (normal surgery has an incision line of the same length as the tumor).



Case 8

Case of upper lipoma on the left eyebrow

A tumor suspected to be a lipoma was found under the skin above the left eyebrow.
In the surgery, the tumor was first confirmed by making an incision in the upper edge of the eyebrows, not directly above the tumor.
Since the tumor was a lipoma, I removed everything from this incision line.
Even in this case, surgery was possible without making an incision directly above the tumor.



Case 9

A case of left inguinal lipoma

We removed a lipoma with a diameter of 5 cm.
The incision was about 2 cm along the groin line.
In this way, large lipomas can be surgically and
plastically operated to make small incisions and neatly suture.