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Lipoma is a medical condition in which a mass of fat develops in between the skin and the underlying tissue layer. It is mostly observed in middle aged people. The identification of a lipoma is pretty easy. It is a fatty lump which moves when touched with a finger. These are generally harmless but some do hurt or pain on touching. Under these circumstances one must get a lipoma removed.

The presence of a lipoma in one’s body can be detected by some common symptoms. These include a lump of fat which is doughy to the touch. This lump is generally 5 cm in diameter and one must also keep in mind that a lipoma grows too. Since, they consist of many blood vessels, they can sometimes be painful too. Lipomas generally occur in the neck, shoulder, back, abdomen, arms and thighs.

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Types of Lipoma Lipomas are of different types depending upon how they look under the microscope and these are listed below-

  • Conventional lipoma (common, mature white fat)
  • Hibernoma (brown fat instead of the usual white fat)
  • Fibrolipoma (fat plus fibrous tissue)
  • Angiolipoma (fat plus a large amount of blood vessels)
  • Myelolipoma (fat plus tissue that makes blood cells)
  • Spindle cell lipoma (fat with cells that look like rods)
  • Pleomorphic lipoma (fat with cells of all different shapes and sizes)
  • Atypical lipoma (deeper fat with a larger number of cells)

Lipoma Removal Surgery Cost in Visakhapatnam Know the Cost of Lipoma Removal Surgery, Deals & Offers in Visakhapatnam

The cost of Lipoma Removal Surgery depends on Surgeon’s Qualification, Operative facilities, Technique of liposuction, Number of Lipoma's, Size and location of the Lipoma, Stay Required or not, Anaesthetist Experience, Type of Compression garment & Post care facilities given to the patient.

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What is a lipoma and how is it removed

The lipomas are benign tumors of the soft, compounds parts by fat cells. They can cause local discomfort due to compression of peripheral nerves or be asymptomatic but generate an aesthetic rejection in those who have them. They appear due to abnormal adipose growth and are characterized by being a soft, rounded, mobile and soft mass.

Most lesions measure less than 5 cm and are usually located in the subcutaneous tissue of the head, neck, shoulders, and back. Lipomas have a very slow growth and appear mainly in people between 40 and 60 years of age. 7% of people with lipomas have them in multiple forms, receiving the name of lipomatosis. Single lipomas are more common in women and multiple lipomas in men.

There are different types of lipomas, depending on the location. We can speak of cutaneous or superficial lipomas (back, shoulders, neck, head and to a lesser extent in the arms, buttocks and thighs) and deep lipomas (which appear in less common areas such as the hands, feet, the mediastinum or the wall thoracic).

How to treat a lipoma

Lipomas are one of the most common queries for which you go to the dermatologist. On physical examination, palpation is painless and presents little difficulty in diagnosis. Sometimes the doctor removes a tissue sample for a biopsy or prescribes an ultrasound. Most of these benign tumors do not require treatment, but when they are bothersome and grow rapidly, they can be addressed with different procedures ranging from steroid injections to tumor removal.

Depending on the location and size, the specialist offers the patient the most appropriate solution. The small ones can be removed by enucleation and the larger ones by excision, dissecting the surrounding tissue. Lipomas can be removed without surgery, although excision is the only curative treatment. To treat a lipoma the doctor can perform:

  • Lipid treatments . The most frequent are:
    • Steroid injections , which atrophy the fat in the affected area and reduce its size. It is performed mainly on lipomas smaller than 25 mm and it is usually necessary to do it several times a month. This type of injection is being studied prior to surgery.
    • Liposuction . Lipomas of different sizes can be removed and scarring is avoided. It is done with a needle and syringe, to remove the fat lump. Using this technique, it is difficult for the lipoma to disappear completely.
  • Surgery . Surgical removal of lipomas is simple and is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. Contouring helps delineate margins, which may darken after administration of anesthetic.

Lipomas treated with corticosteroids or with the liposuction technique can recur. For this reason, the surgical procedure is the one that offers the greatest guarantees. If you think you have a lipoma, go to the dermatologist to make a diagnosis and indicate the treatment to follow.

Lipoma surgery in Visakhapatnam

Lipoma surgery in Visakhapatnam aims to eliminate tumor growth of a benign nature in any area of ​​the body. This article will cover everything related to this procedure, candidates, cost, frequently asked questions, best lipoma removal surgeons in Visakhapatnam, and much more!

What is a lipoma removal surgery?

The removal of a benign tumor is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a lipoma within the body.

Lipomas must be removed for practical and functional reasons, such as decreased pain, discomfort, and the likelihood that they will become malignant.

A lipoma consists of a benign cell tumor predominantly made up of excess fatty tissue. Patients should not be alarmed when faced with a lipoma, as it is the most common type of soft tissue tumor. This procedure is most often used to treat physical deformities caused by Lipomas in the arms, legs, and back.

This procedure aims to:

  • Restore visual appearance for aesthetic purposes
  • Relieve patients of discomfort caused by lipomas
  • Make sure the removed lipoma is benign
  • To avoid the appearance of cancers caused by lipomas (liposarcoma)

Cost of lipoma surgery in Visakhapatnam

The cost of removing a benign tumor varies depending on the surgeon, the geographic area, and the technique with which the procedure is performed, and the size of the lipoma. Due to the fact that this is considered a functional procedure, insurance must cover the cost of the surgery, but Cosmetic Surgery Center has financing plans available for those who are uninsured. For more information on pricing, it is best to contact the Jolie staff via chat, contact form or by phone.

The cost of Lipoma excision surgery at Cosmetic Surgery Center includes:

  • Surgical facility costs
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Medical / laboratory tests
  • Prescriptions for medications
  • Surgeon's fee

Lipoma removal: preoperative instructions

The surgeon in charge of removing the lipoma will provide you with a list of preoperative instructions, take a detailed medical history, perform a physical exam, biopsy (if necessary), and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

Below are some general preoperative instructions to follow before benign tumor excision:

  • Stop smoking six weeks before the day of your scheduled surgery. Smoking slows the healing process and increases the risk of complications
  • Avoid certain medications and refrain from consuming alcohol
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin
  • Let your hair grow to cover scars
  • Plan to be taken home and cared for for the first few days after surgery
  • Fill and collect all medications before surgery
  • Get ready in the home recovery area with ice packs, meals, and pillows

Lipoma excision surgical procedure in Visakhapatnam

Lipoma removal procedures are typically performed under local anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia or sedation used in lengthy surgical cases. The use of local anesthesia allows for faster surgery and faster recovery time, so the patient can resume normal daily activities promptly. Below we will explain how small lipomas are removed using the Enucleation technique and how large lipomas are removed for removal.


During Lipoma enucleation for smaller benign tumors, the doctor creates micro incisions in the layer of skin that is spread over the growth. This is done through the use of a fine rod shaped scoop and gouge known as a medical grade curette. The curette gives the surgeon the ability to separate the lipoma from the skin around the tumor and effectively remove all growth. After this is complete, the small wound is covered with a pressure garment for proper healing.

Lipoma excision

For larger benign tumors, the excision method is used. During this process, the doctor creates several larger incisions in the layer of skin that covers the growth. The surgeon then strategically cuts the tumor while applying the appropriate amount of pressure to the skin. After removal is complete, the remaining open wound cavity is filled with a soluble suture that would not need to be removed at a later date. Total skin incisions are sutured with non-dissolving sutures that will need to be removed in the future.

Instructions for recovery and care after lipoma operation

Recovery times vary from patient to patient. Therefore, the lipoma surgeon will discuss with each patient how long the recovery will be and when it is okay to return to work and normal activity level. After surgery, patients will receive detailed instructions on how to manage normal symptoms, how to care for the incision, and possible signs of complications. It is extremely important to follow all instructions provided by the doctor at Jolie Plastic Surgery and to be fully aware of the recovery period in order to get the best healing results.

Risks associated with lipoma removal surgery Visakhapatnam

It is quite rare for patients to experience significant risks or complications from this procedure. This surgery is normally done without any major problems. But just like any other surgical procedure, there are some complications that patients should be aware of.

Some of these possible complications include:

  • Minimal scars
  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Seroma or hematoma
  • Bleeding and infection
  • Change in skin sensation

Preparation for the consultation

The first thing you will probably do is consult your GP or primary care physician. You may then be referred to a doctor who specializes in skin disorders (dermatologist).

Here is some information to help you prepare for your consultation.

What you can do

  • Make a list of your symptoms, including those that may not seem related to the reason for the visit.
  • Make a list of the medications, vitamins, and supplements you take.
  • Make a list of questionsto ask your doctor.

Making a list of questions can help you make the most of your time with your doctor. In the case of lipoma, here are some questions you can ask your doctor:

  • What caused its growth?
  • Is it cancer?
  • Do I have to get tested?
  • Won't the lump go away?
  • Can it be removed?
  • What does it take to remove it? Are there any risks?
  • Is it likely that it will appear again, or that another will appear?
  • Do you have any brochures or printed resources that I can take with me? What websites do you recommend for me?

If you can think of other questions, don't hesitate to ask them.

Lipoma surgery faqs

What are the lipoma treatment options?

Lipoma removal procedures are typically carried out under local anesthesia as opposed to the general anesthesia or sedation used in lengthy surgical cases. Small lipomas are removed using the enucleation technique and large lipomas are excised for removal.

Is liposuction available for lipoma?

Liposuction for lipoma removal is possible; however, this technique is rarely used because some remnants of the tumor may be left behind.


What to expect after lipoma surgery?

Recovery times vary from patient to patient. Therefore, the lipoma surgeon will discuss with each patient how long the recovery will be and when it is okay to return to work and normal activity level. However, most patients return to work and daily activities the next day.

What is the cost of lipoma removal surgery?

The cost is depending on the size of the lipoma and the experience of the surgeon.

What are the lipoma removal surgical options for multiple lipomas?

For multiple benign tumors, the excision method is generally used. During this process, the doctor creates several incisions in the layer of skin that covers the growths