Los Angeles Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Sean Behnam, discusses Capillus Laser Cap for hair loss

Dermatology and Hair Restoration Specialists, with seven locations throughout California, offers a complete complement of hair restoration services from hair restoration surgery to non-surgical options. Recipient of the 2013 Patient’s Choice of Award, Dr. Sean Behnam leads the centers with a reputation for offering quality, specialized patient care and superior hair loss recovery solutions. As a researcher, innovator, teacher and artistic leader, Dr. believes Behnam to offer solutions that are effective in creating natural results. Using the latest in low-level laser therapy with the Capillus272 device, it offers patients a non-surgical alternative to strengthen their hair and promote regrowth from their own home. According to Dr. Behnam, many patients are not good candidates for hair restoration surgery because they have not lost enough hair. Capillus272 offers a treatment option for them. Through convenience and compliance, Capillus offers 272 patients an effective alternative to traditional hair loss treatments. Capillus272 is available in practice for use by patients. It is comfortable and light, so it can be used when you are driving, traveling or just doing your day. Contact Dermatology and Hair Restoration Specialists to learn more about Capillus272 at home with low laser light treatment and find out if it is right for you. FOR MORE INFORMATION Dermatology & Hair Restoration Specialists 2825 Santa Monica Blvd, # 303 Santa Monica, CA 90404 Phone: (888) 443-8424 Website: www.igethair.com —- Video Transcript: “Hi, I’m Dr. Sean Behnam. I am a specialist in hair loss and hair transplantation in Santa Monica. I am happy to offer Capillus272 to our patients. “I see a lot of hair loss patients. Many of them [are] want to do hair renovation but unfortunately most patients I do not see are candidates for hair transplantation. They have not lost enough hair to be candidates but want to do something for their hair loss. Many of them only experience rapid bottling or have only a certain thinning. “We have a lot of medicines at our disposal. but most often patients do not want to take oral or topical medications. This is where lasers come in. Lasers have been shown to help with hair loss. Unfortunately, compliance has always been a problem. The built-in laser unit[s] is too bulky and demands it [patients] have to come into the office three times a week for a whole year to get any results. This requires a lot of time, commitment and investment in some of the patients. Capillus works through this by creating a small hat that is easy to use. It has more laser diodes than devices in the office. People can put it on their head and walk around and do chores. They are not locked in and this increases compliance and by increasing compliance patients get better results. Many people ask me how the laser hat works if you encounter hair loss. To understand this, we must understand the path of physiology for how hair loss occurs. “This is a hair follicle. It is thick and strong now due to DHT and narrowing of blood vessels that provide nutrients and oxygen to it. The hair becomes thinner with time. Well, the thermal energy of that laser is absorbed by this blood vessel and the blood vessel dilates allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the hair follicle and reverse this process. “Patients at all levels of hair loss can benefit from the laser hat. I recommend it to patients who experience a rapid discharge or only have a certain thinning and even after hair restoration. I recommend it to maintain their own care of natural hair. In our practice, I perform microscopic digital images, as well as follicle photos of the scalp, before we begin and every three months to monitor progress. Although laser hats are not magical, for those who are dedicated and committed to wearing the laser hat three times a week, [they] will see improvements next year. ”.

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