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For more videos: For Youtube subscription: Lipoma is the most common benign soft tissue growth. It is a growth of fat cells that is usually found just under the skin. Lipoma is most often found in the trunk, neck, upper thighs, upper arms. Lipomas grow slowly and are diagnosed on examination and through history Because lipomas are carcinogenic, they do not need treatment. However, if a lipoma becomes troublesome, infected or continues to grow, you can choose to remove it. This is video demonstration of innovative technology by Dr.Harikiran chekuri, famous board certified cosmetic surgeon from Hyderabad, through which he can remove all lipomas with minimal incisions. Hope this video will be helpful for people suffering from this problem and for trainees to understand this new procedure. Here we infiltrate the tumor fluid, followed by suction of Lipoma. This helps with about 50% reduction in lipoma volume. The rest of Lipomas is pressed away through small hooks. The incision will be closed with subcutaneous absorbable suture. Pressure bandages are applied for 24 hours to avoid seroma or hematoma. After 24 hours would be left open, can be showered and cleaned with regular soap followed by topical antibiotic cream application for 4 to 5 days. popaholic, dr Harikiran, Surgically extracts lumps on the arms, called multiple lipomatosis Best latest treatment for multiple lipoma Scarring surgical experience Story: Patient with multiple lipomatosis, forearms treated Multiple lipoma – liposuction and minimal incision technique Family multiple lipomatosis – what is it? Multiple Lipoma Treatment Multiple Lipoma Removal – the video that helped me Multiple Lipoma Treatment In India Fat Balls Excision of a Large Lipoma on the Shoulder using Tumescent Technique skin, skin care, beauty pimple popping, how to pop a pimple, dermatology, dermatologist, zit, acne, pops, educational, medical school, educational videos for students, medical school videos, facial, lipoma, treatment, dr, facial, surgery, lipoma removal, lipoma treatment, arm, excision, doctor, dr hari kiran plastic surgeon dr hari kiran chekuri plastic surgeon in india plastic surgeon in Hyderabad plastic surgeon in Dilsukh Nagar plastic surgeon hospital.

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