Meet Dwyane Wade’s transgender daughter, Zaya

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union learn so much from their 12-year-old child Zaya. And by taking the opportunity to listen to their younger lover, Wade and Union are a role model for parents everywhere. As the retired NBA player shared during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February 2020, Wade’s daughter from a previous relationship, Zaya, has come out as a transgender girl. The 38-year-old talks about Zaya’s gender identity in support of her daughter’s desire to live as her most authentic self. Wade is not the only supportive parent Zaya has in mind. Union published a video of Zaya and Wade talking about life in a golf cart and announcing on Instagram: “Meet Zaya. She is compassionate, loving, whips smart and we are so proud of her. It is ok to listen, love and respect your children just the way they are. Love and bright good people. “Shortly afterwards, the internet was flooded with love and admiration for the famous family – but the outpouring of support also came with some sadly not surprising cases of criticism and transphobia. In the wake of all the intensified attention of their family over his children’s significant announcement, Wade tweeted: “We do not claim to have all the answers but we are committed to learning and loving and being good allies and better parents.” In the Instagram video where Zaya and her father have a heart to heart, the 12-year-old talked about his decision to be published with his transition and emphasized the importance of authenticity. She shared advice with others who are afraid of being convicted. When Wade asked if that position still holds when others are evil or hurt, Zaya answered wisely. In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Wade revealed that Zaya has known and expressed her gender identity since the age of three. But while the famous parents have been supportive allies and figured out how to best parent a transgender child has meant a natural learning curve for the family. Fortunately, Zaya did her research and helped them figure it all out. As Wade recalled, in the end, Wade made it clear, quoting, “She’s leading us along this journey.” If there’s one big takeaway from Wade and Union that shares Zaya’s journey publicly, it is that they prioritize her happiness. On Good Morning America, Wade said, and during his interview with the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Wade said, “My wife, Gabrielle Union, and I are proud parents of a child in the LGBTQ + community. And we are also proud allies.” Wade’s son Zaire also posted a message to his sister on Instagram. Along with childhood photos, Zaire wrote: “I have been blessed to have my best friend, Zaya, with me for 12 years. We did everything together … we fought, we played, we laughed and we cried. But the only thing we never did where to leave each other behind … I have told you that I would lay down my life to make sure you are ten tears down and happy on this earth.I do not care what they think Z, you are mine best friend and I love you, and if it matters, just know that there is no love lost on this site. “In another public outing, the family attended Miami Pride in April 2019. While Wade missed the event due to basketball , he shared a message of support on Instagram and wrote: “Wish I was there to see you smile baby!” Although Wade and Union are examples and open an important conversation, they are the first to admit that they are not perfect – it is also a learning experience for them. On February 11, Union tweeted, “Huge THANK YOU to everyone whose dms I slipped into, friends and family who provided information, resources, love and encouragement. We are humble LGBTQ + allies with a LOT to learn and be grateful for all the support. We urge you to check us out as needed. “At the end of the day, Wade and Union are not the only ones learning from Zaya’s commitment to authenticity. Fans across the country are taught a thing or two about the power of family support and living life as your true self. Watch the video to meet Dwyane Wade’s transgender daughter, Zaya! #DwyaneWade #ZayaWade Read the full article:.

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