My 1 year results after 3,300 transplants FUE hair transplantation |  Istanbul, Turkey

Our clinic referral Our private Facebook group _______________________________________ Michael’s story Michael, the original New Hair Guy and creator of the YouTube channel, had a hair transplant procedure in November 2018. At the time of the operation, Michael was 44 years old with a Norwood 5-hair loss classification. Michael’s hair loss history dates back to 2009. At the age of 35, Michael began to have an aggressive recession in the front of the scalp. No matter how short his hair was, Michael felt that his hair loss affected his overall appearance. It was not until 2017 that Michael began researching hair transplantation online. Fortunately, the hair transplant industry had come up with new techniques and procedures from what was offered earlier. Hair transplant surgery can now take place for several hours in a day, against several sessions over a long period of time, to achieve successful results. Along with this development in the hair transplant industry, a wave of new clinics around the world came to choose from. After several months of research on Facebook, YouTube and Reddit, Michael decided to have his FUE hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey. This decision was not made easily. He researched carefully to find excellent surgeons who offered safe and reliable surgery at an affordable price within his budget. The FUE Hair Transplant operation took place in November 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. A total of 3,300 grafts were successfully transplanted over a 5.5 hour period. Michael was in Istanbul for a total of three nights and flew back to the United States after a final checkup of the hair transplant surgeons. The first recovery after surgery only takes up to ten days, although Michael could be active and return to work after only 5 days. Michael is now well above the 1-year limit and continues to see fantastic growth. _______________________________________ Our clinic referral Our private Facebook group #fue #hairtransplant #surgery.

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