Norwood 3 hair transplant day and 9-month follow-up |  Dr. Matt Huebner (Reed)

Watch Reed visit Dr. Matt Huebner at Natural Transplants for his hair transplant surgery day and then see his 9-month update | CALL NOW 844-327-4247 | VISIT Frustrated with alternative solutions that failed to regain his hairline Reed finally turned to Natural Transplants and visited Dr. Matt Huebner for help. With a 3-point on the Norwood scale despite previous efforts, Reed decided he wanted better, so he investigated getting a hair transplant at Natural Transplants. After visiting the Fort Lauderdale Clinic, Reed underwent his hair transplant surgery in less than 6 hours. Reed likes to point out to anyone who may be worried about having surgery that his experience of getting a hair transplant at Natural Transplants was completely painless. 9 months later, Reed is happy with how the hairline has been filled and how it was just like before the hair started to fall out. Reed is happy to guarantee natural transplants and says that the procedure was worth every penny. Reed’s hair will continue to grow for a lifetime. But don’t just take it from Reed: Natural Transplants has over 100 proven results videos and over 225 happy patient statements! If you want to watch patient follow-up videos of results before and after hair transplantation, see our playlist here at Want to know more? Talk to a hair transplant doctor for a FREE consultation: Natural transplants, hair restoration clinic Free of charge 844-327-4247 Local +1 954-372-8824 Our team of expert doctors has the experience required to make your hair look young and full again, regardless your age. Many doctors market hair restoration without any training or experience of the procedure. At Natural Transplants, our results speak for themselves. Our transplants are permanent and will last you a lifetime. Our exclusive High-Yield Unit Extraction® (HUE) method achieves unmatched density for our hair loss patients. This is what separates natural transplants from the rest of the hair transplant industry! Regain your hairline as Reed with Natural Transplant’s HUE Method. Are you curious about how much a hair transplant costs? Watch this video: Contact us now for a free hair transplant consultant at 844-327-4247. .

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