Norwood 3 Young Male Hair Transplant Surgery Day |  Male pattern baldness |  Dr.  Kevin Blumenthal (GP)

Look at how Dr. Kevin Blumenthal helps doctor get a hair transplant to redeem his hairline from a Norwood 3 with Natural Transplants | CALL NOW 844-327-4247 | VISIT 23 year old GP saw his hair loss a few years ago, which eventually led to his current condition on a Norwood 3. GP mentions that he is considering shaving his hair low or getting a lock of hair but did not like the extra maintenance required. He decided to regrow the hairline with a hair transplant from Natural Transplantants. GP mentions that the experience was relaxed and that the team for Natural Transplant was exceptional. GP’s new hairline will frame your face better than ever before. Check back and subscribe to our Youtube channel to see GP’s results progress up to the 12-month mark. The GP suggests to anyone who may be hesitant: just go for it! Natural transplants have proven results in hundreds of 5-star testimonies. Expect that natural transplants not only restore the hair but do it in a way that makes it look natural. If you want to see some videos of patients whose problems we have solved, see our playlist here at Want to know more? Talk to a hair transplant doctor for a FREE consultation: Natural transplants, hair restoration clinic Free of charge 844-327-4247 Local +1 301-841-6005 Our team of experienced doctors has the experience required to make your hair look young and full again . Our transplants are permanent and will last you a lifetime. This is what separates natural transplants from the rest of the hair transplant industry! A hair transplant can improve your hairline in many different scenarios. Natural transplants can help with your unique hair situation! Our clinic’s expertise is one step above our competitors. Our hair transplants have helped hundreds of people regain their confidence and youthful hairline. Are you curious about how much a hair transplant costs? Watch this video: Contact us now for a free hair transplant consultant at 844-327-4247. .

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