Nose Job Before And After Transformation – Rhinoplasty Surgical Footage

Check out an amazing nose job before and after transformation by Dr. Caridi at Westlake Plastic Surgery. Rhinoplasty is a true form of plastic surgery art and only after having performed rhinoplasty for 3 decades does Dr. Caridi consider himself a reputable surgeon for this critical undertaking. It is one of his areas of expertise and a procedure that he truly loves to perform.

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This patient was seen in the office on several occasions for consideration of a cosmetic rhinoplasty, or nose job. The goal was to reduce her dorsal hump and to adjust her tip projection adequately and refine the tip. Extensive internal work will include a submucosal resection of the extremely deviated portion of her mid septum and to adjust the anterior portion of the lower turbinate on the right side. To be technical, it was found that the patient had significant lower mid septal deviation to the left side, significant right-sided turbinate hypertrophy, mild bilateral atrophy of the mucoperichondrial lining of the septum, and asymmetrical, weak lower lateral cartilages and a high tension nose.

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Procedure: As always, our patient was induced under general anesthetic and intubated using an oral airway provided by our board-certified anesthesiologist. A caudal septal incision was made on the right side only. Mucoperichondrial flaps were carefully raised bilaterally taking great care over the area of the rather significant mid body septal deviation to the left side. A portion of the cartilaginous and bony septum was removed and sutures were then placed across the flaps to eliminate dead space. An incision was made on the anterior portion of the underlying bone and was removed followed by an outfracture of the turbinate. A stairstep incision was then made on the most narrow portion of the columella and was degloved with rim incisions bilaterally. Mucoperichondrial tunnels were created bilaterally. The dorsal aspect was then incised to expose the septum and the upper lateral cartilages. The bony hump was rasped conservatively. The midline septum was reduced conservatively. Dorsal profile sutures were used to reconstruct the dorsal roof by taking bites of the upper lateral cartilage to the septum. Focus was then applied to the tip complex. The left lateral crus was larger than the right side and was reduced. The vestibular skin was elevated on the underside of the lateral crus. A lateral steel technique was used to provide enhanced projection to the tip complex itself. Needles were placed across the tip complex to ensure proper placement of domal defining sutures that were placed with a lateral crus straightening suture on the left side mid body. A portion of the harvested septum was used as a columellar strut and placed between the medial crus bilaterally and secured appropriately. A conservative 3 mm resection of the septal angle was then performed followed by a bilateral percutaneous infracture. The dorsum was inspected carefully. A smooth transition between the dorsum and the tip complex was evident with hyper projection of the tip complex. Closure was then performed. Telfa was placed on either side of the septum in the midline and secured outside the nose with standard tip dressing and a Denver splint to be removed one week post surgery.

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Follow-Up: Our patient is seen in the video 6 weeks after her surgery. It is evident that she now has a nice, straight dorsum with a tip that is higher than the dorsum. The tip is still swollen since it is only 6 weeks out. This swelling will completely subside after two years. The length of the nose was shortened. The internal work was explained to her and breathing was preserved. It should be noted that most rhinoplasties make the nose smaller, so breathing should be the number one concern especially if there are derangements in the nose, which she had. The most exciting part to her of her new nose is her profile – no more hump and no more downward facing tip. Nose job before and after photos provided at the end of the video.

Another successful Rhinoplasty by Dr. Caridi at Westlake Plastic Surgery!

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