Sex Change Surgery Male to Female – Gender Reassignment Surgery in Bangkok Thailand

Sex Change Surgery Male to Female – Gender Reassignment Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. In this video you will know the options and procedure for sex change male to female. Transgender surgery – sex reassignment surgery in Bangkok Thailand is safe and affordable. – – Discover yourself again in Thailand!

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Transcript: Oliver always felt different from the other boys.
One day he realized that he feels like a girl.
And he want to look like a girl.
So he looked for Sex Reassignment Surgery Male to Female treatment.
But all seems expensive for him.
He talked with a friend who said to travel abroad for his treatment with PlacidWay.
Placidway is a leader in Medical Travel.
Now Oliver can be Madison.
Thanks to Best Sex Reassignment Surgery Male to Female in Bangkok, Thailand.
The cost is $10,000.

The Advantages of Male to Female Sex Change Operation in Thailand are
-Self lubricated
-Early sexual intercourse
-Long length vaginal cavity
-Our Specialist Team will advise you on how to avoid stenosis, which can develop in rare cases.

One stage of the sex change operation uses 3 different techniques:

– Penile skin inversion – PSI for long penis 6 inches
– Penile skin inversion – PSI with scrotal skin graft SSG for medium size penis 2 – 6 inches
– Penile skin inversion – PSI with sigmoid colon flap – SCF for tiny or small penis 2 inches.

During the operation, the surgeon proceeds to remove the testicles and penis whose skin is used to cover the walls of the vagina. The clitoris is reconstructed from the gland tissue.

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