Top 3 Dirty Secrets in the Hair Transplant Industry

You can do your own research on hair transplantation if you are willing to spend the time watching videos, learning about your own class of hair loss and talking in person with previous patients. Individuals, blogs and forums who are full-time consultants and “hair transplant experts” have a monetary interest in marketing or presenting the doctors who pay them. Their value to these surgeons depends on the concept that they claim to be seen as experts that people listen to. Without it, their service to their “chosen surgeons” would not be valuable and they would not get paid. So these experts also have a monetary interest in discrediting other influencers in the same space. When people listen to other influences instead of them, their business model implodes. There is no “super surgeon”. Many people believe in the idea that if they can only find one super surgeon, he / she will be able to wave his / her magic scalpel and get more hair back than anyone else. Actually, there are many top surgeons with amazing teams. There are many bad ones as well, but all the best surgeons will be able to give you pretty similar results. So in many ways, it is the decisions that are made outside of surgery, such as the type of surgery, the type of preventive treatments for hair loss and whether to undergo surgery at all that will make or break parts of your success as a patient. Watch my entire hair journey in a playlist: SUBSCRIBE NOW: If you still have additional questions after doing your own research online and are considering surgery, I highly suggest you call my friend Steve Cook before making that decision. Steve is a professional hair consultant and can help you find the best solution that suits your needs. It may not be surgery! Steve is a great source of information, and he is the most knowledgeable and honest person I have met in the hair restoration industry. Steve Cook: Mobile: +1 (305) 416-8418 Email: David DiMuzio Online: (Follow … my personal page) PS: I recommend anyone who is worried about hair loss to buy a laser helmet to help with the strength of the hair. They are FDA-cleaned and proven to help strengthen the hair, maintain it and in many cases even grow it back. I use my iRestore laser helmet religiously. The best part is that there are no negative side effects. Thanks to my approval of iRestore, they have offered my followers a $ 150 discount coupon if you use this link and promotional code: REGROWTH150 -.

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