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What exactly is a Lipoma?
Lipomas are protrusions on the skin surface. They can be seen as semi-hemispherical lumps on the affected body part. They are normally formed due to the accumulation of fat between the skin & the muscle layer of our body.

Reason to develop a Lipoma on any body part?
Genetic factors could play a role, it could be inherited. There have been cases when people from the same family have suffered from it earlier & it got imbibed/carried over. However the exact reason can never be pinpointed assertively. Cases of Lipoma were studied. It was found that Lipoma overwhelmingly occurs in less active people or people whose daily routine had kept their body parts fairly passive.

It can occur in males or females at any age on any part of the body. However it was found to predominantly occur on neck, limbs & back. These semi-hemispherical lumps are generally up to 2 inches in diameter. However in some cases they can be beyond 4 inches & might require immediate medical attention.

Lipoma diagnosis:-
If you find mild protrusions on your body which seem painless, harmless; it is advisable to go for a proper medical check-up. The doctor might take some cells from the region of those bumps for examination under a microscope or recommend MRI/CT scans to ascertain the nature of the lumps. Once the test results have confirmed that the condition is Lipoma, further mode of action can be decided.

Lipomas are usually non-cancerous. Home remedies are not known to negate Lipomas. People normally do not have the patience & perseverance to follow the home remedies or other means of cure, which could be prescribed by Ayurvedic or Homeopathic practitioners, for the duration which runs into months, sometimes years. Surgery is considered to be instant, complete & permanent solution.

Corrective Surgery for Lipoma:-
In this video, Dr. Prashant Yadav is seen treating an individual who has multiple Lipomas on his body. Local anaesthesia can be used. In case of multiple lipomas present on different parts of the body, the candidate may be given general anaesthesia. A small incision is then made. Through this incision a small metal tube which is connected with drain pipes, is inserted. The material constituting the lump from within is broken by the to and fro movement, it is emulsified and collected in glass jars via a suction technique.

Lipoma surgery is a one-sitting procedure. It can take 1-2 hours depending on the number of Lipomas that need to be treated There is no hospital stay required. It’s a walk-in, walk-out kind of a surgery.

After Surgery:-
The incision is closed & dressing up is done. Antibiotics & ointments may be prescribed. Strenuous activity needs to be avoided for around a week. However one can return to work within 2 days after allowing time for the area to dry up.

Any side-effects:-
Usually there are no major side effects observed or reported. There could be swelling, redness, itching in/around the treated area. Medicines are given to counter these effects & quicken the healing enabling the area to dry up soon.

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