What is Lipoma? (Fat Lump Under Skin)

What is Lipoma? (Fat Lump Under Skin) –

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A Lipoma is a benign tumor made up of adipocytes, or fat cells. Surrounded by connective tissue in a capsule or throughout subcutaneous tissue. Lipomas can develop in deeper tissues, like the abdominal organs. Lipomas are slow-growing and often asymptomatic, and do not require treatment. Although a Lipoma is composed of fat cells, it is not caused by excess weight. The cause of this condition is not known. However, they do tend to run in families and can be congenital. Dercum’s disease & Madlung’s disease can cause Lipomas as a symptom.

What are the Symptoms of Lipoma? They are usually just 1 or 2 centimeters in size but can exceed 20 centimeters. They can be felt and seen as bumps under the dermis. They are round, rubbery, and movable consistency and typically don’t cause pain. Sometimes there is pain when a Lipoma compresses a nerve.

What are the Causes of Lipoma? It’s composed of fat cells, between the skin and underlying layer of muscle. They grow slow and are commonly found on the shoulders, back or neck. However, they can form on many different areas of the body. They are thought to be hereditary, but genetic studies showed different results: such as Familial Multiple Lipomatosis, Gardner Syndrome, and Adiposis Dolorosa. As well as Cowden Syndrome & Madelung Disease can promote Lipoma growths. A correlation has been shown between the obesity gene (HMG I-C) and Lipoma. Another possible cause is physical trauma, whether it be minor or major. It’s not clear if the trauma is the cause or is what finds the Lipoma.

How is Lipoma Treated? They usually don’t need treatment since they stop growing and are asymptomatic. Since they can be seen, many want them removed solely for cosmetic reasons. A person may want it removed if it’s compressing a structure or is infected. Lipoma removal is an outpatient surgery. The process is by injection of a local anesthetic. Next, an incision is made, tumor removed, and stitched. If it’s in deeper layers, general anesthesia in an operating room is an option.

How is Lipoma Prevented? There are no proven methods of preventing the growth or appearance of Lipomas. There is nothing that can be done to stop Lipomas from growing. Diets or exercise routines will not aid in preventing new or old Lipomas. This is since Lipomas are part of a hereditary predisposition. It is very important to have a doctor check to verify each growth. Typically, doctors don’t recommend removal when they are benign. Unless they are large or interfere with daily life. Sometimes, steroid shots and liposuction are used to shrink Lipomas.

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